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Synthesis and Characterization of Materials

Field of study: Chemistry
Description: Study of the synthesis and characterization of polymer materials, composites, coordination compounds, magnetic materials, photoactive materials, nanostructured compounds, and the study of their possible applications.

Abbreviation Titlesort descending Starting date Deadline (months)
Coordination Compounds and functional materials 01/08/2017 36
DMICV Development of materials for the inhibition of plant growth: potential application in railways of the company VALE 02/11/2018 48
MATERIAL RECICLADO Recycling of Li-ion and Zn-MnO2 spent batteries and Iron from reject of the mining industry 01/03/2019 48
Shynthesis of functional inorganic materials 08/05/2020 24
NCQP 10 04/08/2015 24
31/01/2014 24
11/07/2017 49
01/09/2015 47
01/06/2015 48
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