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Welcome to Post-Graduate Programme in Chemistry (PPGQUI) at Ufes

  • Study of the synthesis and characterization of polymer materials, composites, coordination compounds, magnetic materials, photoactive materials, nanostructured compounds, and the study of their possible applications.

  • Production of material evidence for use in legal proceedings, through the analysis of diverse substances in matrices, such as licit and illicit drugs, poisons, accelerants, explosives and gunshot residues.

  • Total synthesis, chemical transformations, biotransformation and biocatalysis of molecules of biological, pharmacological and technological interest. Organic synthesis of chemical additives for the oil industry.

  • The chemical study and development of analytical methods, and biological tests involving Atlantic Forest plants.

  • Development of analytical methods for the detection of trace elements by ICP-MS, ICP OES and AAS using chemometric tools for speciation / determination of these trace elements in environmental, biological and petroleum industry samples.

  • Study of alternative sources of energy, electrochemical recycling of materials, electrodeposition, anodic film growth, and metal corrosion caused by petroleum or water from the oil industry.

  • Development of processes and methodologies for the characterization of oils, derivatives and biofuels; development of homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysts for the production of biodiesel.

  • Study of phase systems, conductive polymers, surfactant-polymer interaction systems and PET depolymerization reactions, among other systems involving macromolecules.

  • Development of continuing education program for chemistry teachers regarding aspects of the production of scientific knowledge in different contexts, such as didactic-pedagogical aspects on chemistry contents and improvement of the faculty knowledge involved in teaching chemistry

The Postgraduate Program in Chemistry at the Federal University of Espírito Santo offers MSc and PhD degrees aiming to equip students with the necessary skills to contribute to the scientific and technological innovation of the country within fields such as higher education, scientific research, or specialized work in the chemical industry.

By strengthening students’ backgrounds in chemistry, the program enables them to teach at undergraduate and graduate levels, carry out scientific research and solve various scientific and technological problems in the field of chemistry.

Students are expected to have general understanding of current research in chemistry and the main advances at least one of program's areas of research.

The program is based in Vitória-ES, offering the course of PhD in Chemistry since 2014 e the course of MSc in Chemistry since 2006 and has an academic qualification profile certified by CAPES, receiving 5 on its last evaluation.

The program already has 252 masters and 60 doctors and counts with 92 students regularly enrolled, being 36 in the masters and 56 in the doctorate.

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